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Cloud Business Solutions

  Mitigating Data Loss With Cloud Business Solutions

Data loss is perhaps the direst threat for a modern business. Some businesses could stand to lose their physical infrastructure before their data infrastructure. Cloud storage for small businesses provides companies with peace of mind; the knowledge that their cloud business solutions are backed up and protected. Here are a few ways hosted business applications are protecting your data today.

Cloud Services Companies Keep Redundant Data

The major advantage to the cloud is that there isn't a single copy of a company's data. Many redundant copies are saved, which means that even if a single copy is destroyed or damaged, there will be other copies that can be retrieved. Cloud services companies are able to keep snapshots of a company's information over time, too, so that the company can roll back to a day ago, a week ago, or a month ago. This is incredibly important because sometimes a file could be damaged but go unnoticed for weeks.

Cloud Storage for Small Business Can Sync Across Multiple Devices

Today, employees are working from just about anywhere. From the train, on the bus, from hotels, and from their own home. Cloud-storage makes it possible for companies and their employees to sync data across a multitude of devices, making sure that data isn't lost regardless of the platform employees are using. This reduces the chances that data could be lost or overwritten.

This also frees employees to work from anywhere they want, which is something that many employees are looking for today and something that can make an employer much more attractive.

Cloud Business Solutions Are Off-Premises

In the old days, many companies took their backups on tape drives or external drives and stored those in their office. But if there was a fire or a flood, the primary data and the backed up data could also be lost. Cloud solutions are off-premises, so the data is protected even if there is a physical disaster within the office.

Cloud Computing Can Be Used To Redeploy Overwritten, Damaged Data

With often just a single click, companies can redeploy data even if it's been overwritten and damaged. This speeds up the process of recovery and ensures that the data is able to be recovered even if it's been completely overwritten or changed. Sometimes the data hasn't been maliciously damaged, but instead, an employee has simply made a mistake and written the data over with something that's incorrect. hosted business applications can help with even these minor, unintentional mistakes, by letting employees re-deploy single files on a granular level.
As more employees work remotely or on flex-time, it becomes more important to make sure they can safely collaborate with each other.

Cloud Services Companies Can Protect Against Threats

Hosted business applications can also identify threats to data, such as a large amount of data being unexpectedly accessed, or data being encrypted and deleted. This is remarkably important because many companies today are the focus of a multitude of online threats, such as ransomware. When ransomware is detected, the cloud solution can alert those who need to know, and shut down the operations so the data isn't deleted, encrypted, or otherwise damaged. A single data security event today can cost a company millions of dollars in lost revenue, fines, penalties, and lost customers.
There's a reason many businesses have shifted their data to the cloud. While in the early days of the cloud there were some privacy and security concerns, today it's become quite obvious that cloud solutions are the most safe, secure, and affordable. If you're considering transitioning your SMB or enterprise data to the cloud, contact the experts at Cloud 339.

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