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Find IT Support Solutions For Companies of All Sizes

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Just another change to the server application, or perhaps you need to upgrade the servers again? Staff are calling in with issues constantly. There is poor management of different workstation types, operating systems, and now home user computers that were never upgraded.

Our technology landscape is changing continually, as is our need to push out the company applications for home users with workstations that you have no control over. That’s not even mentioning our need to secure your systems from whatever might be attempting to penetrate them. The CIO wants security, the CEO wants to keep costs down and your manager wants it yesterday. If these issues sound familiar, it’s time to look into better IT support solutions.

Searching through the many possibilities for those who could manage your systems is nothing but daunting. There are many companies that host a server or provide cloud infrastructure, but not everyone can effectively manage and deploy your older business applications together with cloud applications. In contrast, Cloud339 offers a complete range of services to include remote and on-site management.

One aspect of our cloud business solutions that is especially appreciated is that both inner office applications and cloud based applications are integrated into one deployment. Your staff logs into their secure network and is provided a customized panel with only the applications you want them to have. Users can remotely print to the office printers or their home printer, if you allow them to. Finance and COO can all work from home or in the office as needed, and your applications are updated whenever I call our cloud infrastructure support.

Cloud339 has a very unique product and IT solution for companies wanting to downsize, keep technology costs low, deploy both older business applications with cloud based applications into a simple to use application panel. They manage and provide the security needed for both home and remote workforce, provide remote support when needed, upgrade applications, and ensure a consistent standard is kept for all employees on the system. In other words, we’re a complete package of cloud business and IT support solutions.

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