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IT support for the modern business environment

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

While traditional methods of business management and organization have stood the test of time and are holding up fairly well up till now. With recent trends and shifts in market and technology making digital processes and innovative tools more accessible, older methods of IT service, management, and optimization are changing. With each step of the business process relying on other employees, partners, and teams it is more important than ever to have strong lines of communication to keep everyone connected and to ensure access to IT support is always available.

According to Freight Waves: “In reality, digital transformation applied the right way can provide a protective, recoverable effect for [businesses] of all sizes, and while it’s easy to blanket the whole industry as disrupted after COVID-19, [it’s time] to take another look.” It is with a renewed viewpoint and an open mind that the true value IT services and integration can be realized and attained for businesses operating in the challenging markets today. The benefits of this approach can be felt at every stage of business operations and management, and it can have far-reaching effects as well.

Management and communication rely on access to real time data and an inter-connected chain of command throughout the network. Without this, there are a number of challenges that will likely present at some point within many industries today, issues that can be addressed with the right IT support. These include but are not limited to:

  • An inability to record and access data in real-time because of outdated systems and tools.

  • Problems tracking documents, orders, shipments, and packages while in-transit.

  • Increased delays due to lost orders, communication delays, and poor IT support.

  • More lost or damaged items, missed capacity, lost customer base, and decreased profit margins.

  • Inability to share documents with trading partners that contributes to higher costs and more confusion.

  • Poor management systems that lead to issues with repairs, maintenance, and onboarding processes.

  • Lost records, poor overall growth, higher fees and expenses, and more customer claims.

  • Too many processes and a generalized lack of efficiency add to costs within business operations.

The bottom line for any business, regardless of the industry, is to cut costs, improve profit margins, and keep customers satisfied. This, however, is especially true for the modern innovative world of business today. Cloud339 is here to provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have, and create an effective solution for your business needs.

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