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Using Cloud Technology To Increase Your Bottom Line

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

As with all technology, making the decision to move your business communications system to cloud technology can be faced with fear. IT Administrators who are used to using business-critical onsite platforms may not be entirely sure of how to take the plunge. After all, if it isn’t broke, and it doesn't cost anything, why be the one responsible for the change? In reality, moving to cloud technology is simple, inexpensive, and the only big step you can take to secure your business for the future. There are many reasons to explore the benefits of cloud computing with your customers. In truth, there are too many reasons and so we have selected a few to convince you of the change in cloud technology for your company.

Eliminate the risk of obsolescence

Physical hardware ages and needs to be replaced over time. However, this can be time consuming and costly for your customers. With a cloud technology solution, the responsibility of keeping the infrastructures up-to-date becomes the job of the server provider. It also takes care and time to do updates and improvements. Users only need to have an active subscription to enjoy up-to-date cloud technology without using additional funds and resources to maintain the system performance.

Simplify location management

While an on-premises system may not normally seem very demanding, the difficulty with remote locations is usually the need for installation at each location. If you have a problem, this can lead to multiple visits, just to fix the problem. As you can imagine, the costs quickly add up, especially if one of your locations is overseas. On the other hand, a cloud system allows each office access to the same virtual server using internet connection. The result is a simplified system that allows internal calls between locations (imagine the cost of calls your customers can save). Being an MSP (Managed Service Provider) simplification of site administration is essential.

Minimize capital expenditures

Investing in a new communications system is expensive. Traditional systems require the purchase of servers, telephones, network services and, in addition, customers have to pay large installation fees. By adopting a cloud technology strategy, your customers can save money. You can save up to 80% on your current phone bill. With vendors also offering exceptionally reliable communications via the Web Client, and iOS/Android apps, you can save even more on desktop phones and corporate smartphones.

Security enhancement and disaster recovery

Even though it might appear to be safer having an IT system in-house, in reality, it is probably not. Systems on premise are subject to hacks in comparison to cloud technology. Even if you are using a public cloud server, it is still safer. Cloud providers know how to keep out hackers. They specialize in cloud security in comparison to the IT person in your business. They are more tech savvy with specialized knowledge in encryption, consistent monitoring, cloud computing and security protocols. With cloud computing, it is easier to recover documents and data in case of a disaster. Cloud computing specialists know how to backup your data as a contingency strategy.

Cloud339 is a cloud technology company that offers businesses a strategy to allow employees to work from home or work remotely in another country by providing the access to do so.

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