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Network infrastructure is a critical component

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Network infrastructure is a critical component because it remains at the center of business innovation. In reality, users need a secure, reliable, and fast network infrastructure to grow, build and collaborate. Starting from new network installations, firewalls, maintenance, and consulting services, Cloud339 and Computer Concepts have a team of professionals who can come up with the best networking practices through innovation to build the best network solutions for you. Cloud339 company has network experts who can design and deploy custom-built and secure networks for your business to decrease operating costs and increase productivity. In other words, Cloud339 and Computer Concepts provide network administration services to various levels of Information Technology solutions to meet your specific IT requirements.

Some of the Cloud Network infrastructure services that you can receive include:

Network security

Your number priority should be the security of your network. This is why Cloud339 and Computer Concepts will monitor, maintain, and implement your network's security systems to eliminate any spyware and viruses. Moreover, the company will install high-end authentication and firewall systems including wireless security systems. The professionals from the company will teach your employees the appropriate techniques they can use to avoid security disasters, which can pose a major threat to your business's financial stability.


The support technicians from Cloud339 and Computer Concepts are experienced with hardware and software issues that make your servers shut down or run slowly. Their network solutions service will maintain and monitor all versions of operating systems, firmware, BIOS, drivers, and software.

Back and disaster recovery.

Cloud339 has professional network administrators who will monitor your log files, secure weekly tapes offsite, perform test restores for your data, and implement any additional backup techniques. In that way, they can ensure that you can easily and quickly retrieve your data in case of a disaster.

Wireless Networking

Transforming your business to digital can be the best decision you can make. However, it is vital to work with a professional IT solutions provider to assist you to know the available solutions before you start to enjoy using them. In this context, when you seek wireless networking services from Cloud339, you will allow your mobile users to access real-time information. This can allow them to roam around your business space without getting disconnected from your network. Such an aspect increases productivity and teamwork throughout your company, challenging to achieve through traditional networks. Moreover, installing a wireless network will minimize cables that impose safety risks and are cumbersome. It is also easier to update a wireless network to meet your future needs.

Regardless of whether you are an established company or a growing brand, deciding to hire network solution services can be beneficial by making your business more streamlined and grow more comfortable. In other words, by synchronizing computer systems, closing security loopholes, resolving technology issues, ensuring your software integrates properly with your technology needs, you can create and sustain your business growth.

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